Your Girlfriend Cheated On You – How to Handle It When a Woman Cheats
Your girlfriend cheated on you. You can hardly believe it and you’re fuming, mad with her and with yourself for trusting her. But underneath all that, you’re feeling bad – about her, and about yourself. A cheating girlfriend is a shattering blow to the ego. Some guys never seem to have a problem keeping their women faithful, so why has your girlfriend cheated on you? Actually, it happe [more]
How to Get Over a Girl When She Doesn’t Like You Back
When there’s a girl you really want but she doesn’t respond to you, it really sucks. You can either continue to try to impress her, or you can try to move on and forget her. But you need to learn how to get over a girl first. It’s hard to accept, but sometimes a girl loses interest in you, or you find she just doesn’t like you in ‘that way’. It can feel like the end of the world, bu [more]
My Girlfriend Wants a Break – How to Handle It
‘I think we need a break from each other – I need my own space for a while’. Lots of men will hear these words at some point, and they often induce feelings of fear and panic. My girlfriend wants a break from me! Why? It’s easy to jump to terrible conclusions about where your relationship is headed, and this can cause you to lose your nerve and make some very unwise moves. Despite [more]
Your Ex Girlfriend is With a New Guy – How to Make Her Want You Back
Your ex girlfriend is with a new guy and it looks like the writing’s on the wall. How can you get her back now? It’s actually quite common – for both men and women – to move straight on to someone else after a breakup. They’re called rebound relationships. And there’s a reason for that. Men date new women to distract them from thinking about their ex and convince themselves (and [more]
What Women Want From Men – 5 Secrets to Keeping Her Happy
Do you find women baffling? Do you wonder what women want? Have you often wondered what the secret is of how to attract and please a woman? Even though everyone is different, there ARE certain qualities in men that naturally attract women, and make them more likely to want those men as boyfriends and lovers. If you have an ex girlfriend you still want to keep in your life, or if you just fin [more]
Is My Girlfriend Playing With Me? Is She Using Me? 10 Ways to Tell
Have you fallen hard and quickly for a girl, only to find that things are not working out the way you hoped? She doesn’t seem to be as into you as you are with her, or she keeps blowing hot and cold. Her changeability is confusing you and making you feel hurt and disrespected. You start to wonder; is she using me? In some ways she seems like the perfect girl. She’s charming, flirty and fun. [more]
Would My Ex Girlfriend Have Sex With Me Again? How to Tell
Would my ex wife or girlfriend have sex with me again? It’s something you really need to know if you want to get her back, because when a woman still wants to sleep with a man it means she still feels a sexual as well as an emotional connection with him. Having a sexual connection is crucial, because it is more powerful than an emotional one for getting her to want to be with you again. No [more]
What Does My Ex Girlfriend Want? Find Out What Women Want From Men
What women want in relationships is puzzling and confusing to many men. A break up can be even more painful and frustrating when men don’t understand what attracts women, why women leave relationships and what makes them want to get back together. So it’s no wonder many men are confused about the question ‘What does my ex girlfriend want?’ Women are often too subtle in the clues they g [more]